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Harvester Pretoria turns 20

HRC Pretoria turns 20

We interview the founding apostles of Harvester
Reformational Church, Pretoria, and celebrate two
decades of supernatural ministry filled with challenges and
testimonies of miracles. Apostles Carel and Hilana Marais and
their family, have shown tremendous endurance. Together
with their ministry team and soldiers of the faith, they have
increased in every sphere: establishing the move of God in
their local region and further afield.

What can you expect when you visit Harvester Pretoria?

Children Church

Our children must encounter God personally from a young age and grow up as mature believers. Our programs are age-appropriate and specifically designed to ensure each child grows up not only knowing God but surrendering their life to Him.


The dress code is informal and relaxed but tasteful so as to not give offense. We believe meetings are like a wedding feast, and each service is a celebration of discovery to discern His present revealed truth for us in a time like this.

Our Meetings

Meetings at Harvester Church flow seamlessly like the robe of Christ. We scan the spiritscapes and worship God in Spirit and in truth, teaching and preaching apostolic doctrine from the Bible. Our worship is with prophetic song and dance. Our prayers are spontaneous and the whole atmosphere is informal.

Carel & Hilana Marais

Carel & Hilana Marais

Apostolic Leaders | Harvester Pretoria

Born in Namibia then commissioned to go into all the world. Studied Teology and then in full time ministry since 1998. Pastored and co-pastored Churches in two different cities while involved in Church planting both in South Africa and abroad. I have been a pianist and worship leader from a young age and pioneer new dimensions of worship wherever I go.
Married in 2004 to my lovely wife Hilana and enjoying every moment with her and our two teenage daughters Jancke and Inike.
Started my own business in 2009. I believe strongly in the power of consistency and hard work.
I am a Husband, a Father and Apostel of Jesus Christ. A Church planter, Pastor and Business entrepreneur but above all a servant of my Lord Jesus Christ.