United Kingdom Missions

United Kingdom Missions

Herewith Teacher Stephen-John’s feedback on his missions trip to Harvester Reformational Church Birmingham:

When I think of future trips, travelling to other nations I start to think of how much it will cost me financially. That is when I realize that this whole trip to Birmingham was an absolute miracle of God. The fact that I was in England on British soil was an absolute miracle from God, for which I cannot thank Him enough. I count it an honour to be invited by Prophet Graham and for God’s agreement and opening the doors for me.


I was hoping to go to France, but that door had closed for me. I was disappointed but not unhappy. The Lord reminded me of Paul’s 2nd missionary journey and how the Holy Spirit did not permit him to go to certain places, but called him to Macedonia and so the 1st church in Europe was planted. But later on God did open the doors for Paul to the places he wanted to go to.


The Lord opened the doors for England, and everything fell in place. This is where I must go.

I was invited to speak at the gathering. I did 2 sessions. The other speakers were Prophet Graham, Teacher Ben Unsworth, Prophet Beverly Curry and Pastor Duncan Curry.


The theme of the Gathering was “Building on a solid foundation”.


My 1st session was on Saturday the 25th of November. Prophet Graham in his e mail to me expressed the following: ” I have a strong desire to see people free from things that dog them and keep them back from being and operating as they are in Christ”.


The Lord gave me the following for the Saturday session. The 1st part of the word was about our identity in Christ and the second part I addressed things that hinder us from expressing our identity in Christ.


With my 2nd session on Sunday morning I taught on Ephesians 5:18, “Being filled with the Holy Spirit is not an event, but a lifestyle”. Before I ministered the word that the Lord gave me, the Lord gave me  a word for a gentleman by the name of Chris. The Lord in the worship reminded me of the time the He had delivered me from my fear of darkness. The lord showed me some specific things from that experience that was for Chris. Those that knew Chris very well came to me saying they are so amazed by God’s accuracy, for I did not know Chris at all. Chris came after the service and thanked me and embraced me for what was said.


On Tuesday evening I ministered at the household. I spoke on 1 Peter 2:5 and verse 9. I spoke to them about what does it mean when the Bible refers to us as priests, a holy priesthood and royal priesthood. On Thursday afternoon I had the privilege of doing street evangelism with Beverly from Grahams church and Werner Lourens. On Thursday evening I participated in the MBC meeting where the students are working through 1 and 2nd Peter. I ministered for the Last time on Sunday morning. I spoke about that we must never under estimate what God is able to do with us or through us. I used the life story of John Mark, the author of the gospel of Mark.


The church in Birmingham really took good care of me. I had the privilege of going to London with Prophet Graham for the day. I had never seen a city like that in my life. I wanted to visit the National art museum in Trafalgar Square. I wanted to view the painting of William Tyndale. I was able to get a copy of that painting. I saw and experienced so many other places.
Thank you Lord.
Grace and peace