Mauritius Missions

Mauritius Missions

The door to Mauritius opened to us through Clint and Lisa. Prophet Jakkie Wessels joined the Heidelberg
church a while back and he’s been ministering in Mauritius already for 18 years. Every September Jakkie
organizes meetings for visiting ministers all across the island for the duration of the entire month. He
arranged the meetings and our accommodation.

Heidelberg sent a team and Pretoria sent a team. Our team covered the last 12 days of the month in
September. There were other teams as well that included pastors from the AFM and other independent

Hilana and | arrived 3 days prior to the arrival of the rest of the Pretoria team and spoke at a conference
organized at Apostle Gaetan Okanna’s church called World Outreach Apostolic Church. During this
weekend we had the opportunity to interact with some of the teams that came in for the first few weeks.

We realized that our mission was two-fold in its purpose. We not only came for the Mauritian people but
to influence the way that ministry was organized and done on the side of the South African teams that
was there. We saw a lot of confusion as everyone just did their own thing. Doctrinally there were many
errors and strange teachings as many of the independent ministries operated without a local body
covering them.

So, on the second night of the conference | brought some correction — entirely focused on the teams from
South Africa. | spoke on being builders with the leaders in Mauritius vs coming to display your giftedness.
| addressed some inaccurate doctrine (concerning how many were praying for the people/The Holy
Spirit/The importance of body and some weird dualistic perspective on Healing) Many of the South African
team was offended and one couple stood up and left never to be seen again — came straight back to South
Africa. | even had to correct some things in Clint — it was well received.

This was significant as it brought order and it propelled us into the rest of our trip with a lot of favor from
the Mauritian pastors. They remarked afterwards that they heard all the nonsense being preached and
even asked Jakkie not to invite some of the teams back to Mauritius. They also could see for the first time
how the Apostolic worked and this opened the door for us to teach without restriction.

On that same night we ordained Apostle Okanna as he still was referred to as a pastor even though his
church is called World Outreach Apostolic Church.

On the last night of the conference | spoke on the dangers of offence. | could see many stepping out of
offences and the Lord did a great work of unification. We prayed for the sick and many received their
healing immediately.

During the rest of our time in Mauritius we used every possible opportunity to build a strong relationship
with Jakkie. He has laid down his life for the work in Mauritius and we honored him for keeping the door
open for others to come minister on the island. We encouraged him to look to Harvester when putting
teams together for next year’s mission. (We plan to have a mission debrief with him and the Heidelberg
team soon)

The Lord connected our team in a special way with Evangelist Sanjaye Sahye and his church called Vinyard
Church Port Louis. We ministered 4 times at his church and on every occasion experienced the presence
of the Lord in a wonderful way. His entire family is part of their worship team — he himself is a very talented

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musician and their quality and musicality are exceptional. One specific family in his church got hold of our
hearts — Warren Goribe (worship leader) and his sister Geraldine Argendra (our interpreter), they traveled
with us most of time.

The Mauritian people are ready for the move. There is a hunger and commitment and even a level! of
maturity in many of the churches that truthfully surprised me. Everywhere we went the pastors and
people remarked that they have been praying for the next thing and we have brought it to them. In all of
the meetings | jumped into the worship and flowed prophetically with the teams in an almost effortless

At pastor Jean-Paul Emilies church Hilana had a word of knowledge that there was a person caught in
depression wanting to leave the local church and that the Lord said NO! Do not give up or turn your back
to what the Lord is doing in the local body — she said. After the service the pastor came to us and admitted
that he was the one ready to give up. He wanted to leave the church and the ministry. We had the
opportunity to pull him back from that place and continued to have another breakthrough service later
on that week at his church. During that service the Lord restored joy to that body, and they danced and
rejoiced. They taught us the Mauritian islands dance called the saga. We had laughter and fellowship after
that service as we sat with him and his family for a meal and only arriving back at our place close to one
o’clock the morning.

We also connected with pastor Vasou and his Assemblies of God Church. He has a wonderful spirit and
works closely with evangelist Sanjaye. He shared his frustration with us concerning the control and politics
in the denominational structure that he is still part of. We could give him some perspective from our
history with the AFM. He indicated that he wanted to visit South Africa in December maybe in the Cape
Town area. Maybe would be a good idea if he could connect with Cape Town harvester during his visit.

We visited many churches in our time in Mauritius. On Sundays we would do up to 4 services back to back.
lt was marvelous to experience the presence of the Lord and see him at work in his church in this east
African nation. The best part of our trip was the people we met and got to love. We all felt like crying as
we had say good bye to them at our last meeting at Sanjaye’s church.

We are looking forward to spending more time on the island and to welcome some of them back at our
church in Pretoria as they come to visit us. Everywhere we went we encouraged the worship teams to
flow prophetically and to start with the movement. We gave away many books and manuals. At each
engagement we operated as a team and tagged preached. We tried to show orbits in a practical way and
wherever possible we demonstrated apostolic doctrine.

Apostle Mimie spend most of her time travelling with another team. | asked her to write her own report
and to forward that to you.

Let’s see how this unravels further and how Harvester can contribute to what the Lord is already doing on
the island of Mauritius.

| have been approached by Jakkie and Sanjaye to join them next year in March to go to Madagascar and
the island of Rodrigues.

We thank the Lord for some extra time where we could explore the island and swim in the lovey ocean.

Apostle Carel

(September 2019 Mauritius Mission report)

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