Heidelberg Gauteng

Heidelberg Gauteng

The work in Heidelberg

The Beginning

After the Lord spoke to us in December 2016 to see the church as a city wide church our attention was drawn to what the Lord was already doing through our Heidelberg household. Prophet Clint and Teacher Lisa Dixon have been involved in many ways and many areas in and around Heidelberg for many years.

Heidelberg was the place where Apostle Andre and Prophet Nola and many others from the Harvester family had gone to and ministered over many years. At an Eagle’s Conference in 2005 Prophet Mimie was introduced to this move in Heidelberg. We are therefore truly entering into the works of others concerning this locality and the work there.

On the weekend of 26-27 May 2017 we had an Apostolic Breakthrough weekend in Heidelberg called: First steps in the Apostolic (download manual).  At this event we introduced many in the area to the basics of what God is doing through this reformational move.

We flowed prophetically and a lot of confirmation and directional word was received. We prayed for many and ministered to the need of many. The presence of the Lord was a confirmation and a sign to us all. (Download scribes)

On Wednesday the 2nd of August we planted a satellite MBC Bible School at the Dixon house. Since that Wednesday evening the Lord has added to the group many and have we seen many salvations, baptisms and baptisms in the Holy Spirit. God is truly at work and we can say with confidence that many lives are being reformed in front of our very eyes as the Word is taught. We are working through the MBC Foundations and Submissions manuals. We are walking very slowly and adding much detail. We have found the students very inquisitive and sometimes spend hours just answering questions.

God is truly building a sure and strong foundation

Apostle Clint and Teacher Lisa Dixon with their family