Children ministry

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F01 Foundation Course
F02 Submission
CBO1 Life of Christ
CB02 Book of Acts
CB03 Pentateuch
CB04 Historical Books
CB05 Major Prophets
CB06 Minor Prophets
CB07 Psalms
CB08 Proverbs
CB09 Song of Solomon
CB10 Ecclesiastes
CB11 Job
CB12 Romans
CB13 Corinthians
CB14 Galatians
CB15 Ephesians
CB16 Philippians
CB17 Colossians & I, II, III John
CB18 1 & 2 Thessalonians
CB19 Apostolic Epistles
CB20 Hebrews
CB21 James & Jude
CB22 I, II Peter
CB23 Revelation
CP01 Prayer
CP02 Evangelism
CP03 Prophetic Depth in Worship
CP04 Teaching & Preaching
CP05 Holy Spirit
CP06 Religions & Cults
CP07 Church Management
CP08 Meditation & Revelation
CP09 Five Fold Ministry
CP10 Finance & Integrity
CP11 Gifts & Functions
CP12 Helps
CP13 God’s Genius
CP14 Blood Covenant
CP15 Apostolic Perspective
CP16 Renewal of the Mind
CP17 Your Family
CP18 Kingdom Perspective
CP19 Biblical Interpretation
CP20 Hearing God’s Voice
CP21 Faith Series
CP22 Miracles Today
CP23 Character of God’s Workman
CP24 Fruits of the Spirit
CP25 Children’s Church
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