Harvester Pretoria Live Testimony Sunday 15 Augustus 2021

Harvester Pretoria Live Testimony Sunday 15 Augustus 2021

15 August 2021 08-48
Harvester International Ministries -2021 Morning Harvesters 15 August Testimony Sunday

#Evidence Just where you are start to say thank you to the Lord Thank you for your fulfillment We worship you Lift up the name of Jesus Father we come to worship you. this is who we are.YOu alone deserve the glory and praise YOur goodness comes from generations to you all the glory to you belong all the praises I see the evidence. Just count your lbessings one by one for a moment Thank you Lord for your goodness and mercy all praise and honour be to youo Lord! THank you Jesus! Just urn to someone and say you see His evidence #Worship the King Worship the King x3 With all your might We need the praise the Lord in good and bad, warm and cold Say to the Lord I choose to worhip, to believe, to love YOU WE come to praise the Lord x3 with all our strength I come to praise the Lord x3 with all my strength I will choose to praise the name of the Lord in every circumstance I choose to praise the Lord So come and praise he the Lord x3 with all our strength I find my joy in the Lord x4 We find our joy in the Lord x4 Rejoice in the Lord x4 Halleluja Fateher we come against all pricipalities that want to hinder us to praise the Lord God is good and love us and we cn have joy in front of the lord today THank you Jesus thank you Jesus Worship the Lord sing in a tongue and worship the lord God almighty we wordhip you We worship you! Halleluja Jesus

#To worship you, I live To worship you, WE live WE live to worship You Just worship Him right now Tongues... Just on your own connect with the Lord Sing a song to Him Be busy witth the Lord You are the Mighty one we worship you You are moving o mighty God You are holy WE worship You Jesus Spontanous worship... # You hold it all together Your faithfulness remains In every circumstance your faithfulness is proven is true When i was alone when i felt rejected your faithfulness is true Maybe this morning you feel God where are you I am here to tell you He is there he is faithful and true what he has done for others he will do for you He is there Father I pray poeple will remember when God came through for them adn did not leave them. Write down somethings God has done for you right now

#You know my name Isnt that beautiful this morning the Lord says comes with allyour requests and prayers and make it known to the Lord Father by faith we come to you We know you love us we know youanswers our prayers stirr our faith this morning we apply our faith I pray father that there will be an answer WE know you are faithfull bring strength, joy answers where it is needed Bring from the heavenlt rhealm to the earthly realm, Jesus I m faithfull and i know your name I am faithfull and I know your name says the Lord I see the tears that you cry I am here to appropriate my word for you I know your name I see it yet I am here right now I am here right now God says I am here right now I you want someone to pray with you You need someone to add their faith with you YOu have a need, quickly come anything you require the Lord to help you with God is ready to touch Stretch out your hand towards these people and pray for them.

Any children that needs someone to pray with you come and we will pray with you Just go and pray for someone if the Lord shows you Be an encouragement Jesus Jesus Carel to Chantall I see the Lord has drawn a line God is releasing you from stuff behind you nothing behaind is worth to turn back for you aremin I know your name this morning God is extending His mercy do not go back Go forward. There is somethng new something holy do not let the devil steel that from you As a prophetic act, turn her around. Father we decree a new life as she turns the hurt is gone God will give you a new people new crowd Do not go back Himne & Arno: Prophecy over their lives strech out your hands towards them singing in tongues Jesus loves me this I know For the Bible tells me so Little ones to him belong they are weak but He is strong Yes Jesus Loves Me Yes Jesus Loves Me Yes Jesus Loves Me Yes Jesus Loves Me the bible tells me so All the children in front Go to the front All the children come all the children I want you to speak a blessing over them now parents come and pray over your children God loves you You are made by Him He knows your name Pray over your child for healing Pray for them for healing right now Pray with them right now if they have not yet given theier lives to the Lord Pray for them to be baptised in the Holy Spirit The Lord bless you and keep you makes His face shine upon you be gracious to you Halleluja Truely they say it is good to be in the house of the Lord Carel to Dumisani WE are very thankful for Dumi Lets pary as a church with him let the annointing of the HS fall on him Father bless Dumi help him let fear be gone let your protection be on him protect our things Father we break this breaking in of our sturr this is God's house. it is God's stuff. WE pray for your protection Father Let it be holy ground Let no one that comes here stay unsafed We rebuke them in Jesus nam we will keep on praising the Lord WE are blessed by the pressence of the Lord here on this property Let that whick the enemy mean for evil be turned to good Father I pray a supernatural protecttion and covering over everyone that is here today. Let no evil come upon them. Is there anyone who feel fear? God sayas He is with you he has not left you He will be with you and protect you Give a shout of victory Stand with me and give a victorious shout Dankie Here!!!!!

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